The Most Important Message

The Most Important Message

The Most Important Message

A facebook friend of mine linked to a recent Huffington post article titled, “To the Parents of Small Children: Let Me Be the One Who Says It Out Loud.” I don’t have any kiddos (yet), but I just had to know what needed to be said out loud, so I read the article.

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Just too cute.

It is a very honest and poignant look at the realities of parenting small children. If you have kids, please give this article a read. It is a heartfelt request to have self-compassion with the struggles of raising little ones. As of today, it has been shared 29,469 times on FB alone. Obviously, this is resonating.

Like most articles, it has a comment section at the end. One of the comments hit the nail on the head. She concisely stated my message, my mission and the lesson I continue to learn, daily.

“…This ISN’T just a message for parents of small children (to me!) – although that’s the situation he uses to make the point. This is something I’ve been trying to harness and embody:

NO ONE is perfect. NOT EVERY moment is great. There are going to be SOME off times. It’s okay to let them be what they are. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You’re imperfect. You’re HUMAN. Remember that. Be okay with that. And 5 out of 7 is still considered doing something for a week – because seriously, you’re allowed to just be… real.” –lizr27, Huffington Post

Thank you lizr27! Well said.

For those of us coping with chronic illness, we need to have this tattooed on our minds. This is the mantra: “You’re HUMAN. Remember that. Be okay with that.” Illness never, ever makes you less than.

Never. Ever.

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