6 Lessons on Healing from the Dog

6 Lessons on Healing from the Dog

6 Lessons on Healing from the Dog

We woke up a little more than a week ago and Emma was not herself. She refused to come out from underneath the guest bed, and when she did, she struggled to get up and down the stairs.

Terrier Dog

This is the ‘why are you taking my picture’ look.

It is beyond heartbreaking to have a pet not feel well. These are the moments that you want so badly for your dog to look up at you and speak her first words, even though those would be, “I hurt!”

We let her take it easy. We watched. And finally a-week-ago-Sunday night we paid way too much to take her to the emergency vet to be checked out. Piece of mind is priceless indeed.

The verdict was a possible herniated disc in her mid-back that was painful and making it hard for her to get around.

Side note: Don’t let your medium or small dog jump off the bed. The sudden stop on the floor is tough on little spines.

Now we’ve got baby gates all over with prescriptions for pain meds and an anti-inflammatory trying to keep our spunky girl quiet.

Terrier Dog

I’ve watched Emma closely this week and picked up a few doggie lessons on healing. Here’s what she’s teaching:

  1. You don’t need to wag your tail if it hurts. A fake smile is not necessary.
  2. Rest and rest some more. Crawl into a dark space, lie on your side and shut your eyes.
  3. Take medication if it is prescribed. It helps.
  4. Allow others to help. Ask (with your eyes if you’re a dog) that they be gentle.
  5. Spend time outdoors. Trees and grass are peaceful.
  6. Allow yourself to sleep in. Eat a good breakfast. Do things on your own time.

One week after we noticed something was off, Emma is back. Her pep is in her step. Her wag is in her tail. Her zest has returned.

At this morning’s vet appointment, I was advised to keep her quiet one more week as healing completes. Then we’ll test her on the stairs and never, ever let her jump off the bed again.

Terrier Dog

Happy girl!

What have you learned from your pet(s) about healing?

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