Made it to the end of chapter 10 in Chronic Resilience?

If so, then I have a question for you…

Skip below for reader responses.

What are you grateful for?

Submit your answer below to join a community of chronically resilient readers who know how important gratitude is. If you prefer your response be anonymous, just let me know at the end of your answer.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring others to find gratitude even in the middle of illness.

Our first group of responses will be posted shortly. I’ll send you a link when they are live.

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Reader Responses:

“I am grateful for you. Your wisdom. Your drive. Your creativity. All of you inspires those of us who cannot yet be as strong as you are. Thank you for being you.” -R. Madison

“It would be easier to answer what I’m not grateful for, but that is not the question. To put it most succinctly, I’m grateful to still be here (I almost wasn’t) – to watch my daughters grow and to have the opportunity, ability and desire to contribute.  I’m also grateful for puppies, sunshine, smiles and all the usual stuff.” -M. Langer

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